SOI Toolkit League – Elias

Black (31)
Bone Splinters
Borrowed Malevolence
Crow of Dark Tidings
Dead Weight
Dominator Drone
Dutiful Return
Gavony Unhallowed
Grotesque Mutation
Kalastria Nightwatch
Macabre Waltz
Malakir Familiar
Midnight Scavengers
Mind Rot
Murderous Compulsion
Nirkana Assassin
Pick the Brain
Sanitarium Skeleton
Sengir Vampire
Shamble Back
Skirsdag Supplicant
Twins of Maurer Estate
Vampire Cutthroat
Vampire Envoy
Walking Corpse
Zulaport Cutthroat

Blue (38)
Advanced Stitchwing
Air Servant
Ancient Crab
Benthic Infiltrator
Cloud Manta
Clutch of Currents
Enlightened Maniac (Foil)
Essence Flux
Exultant Cultist
Ghostly Wings
Gone Missing
Mist Intruder
Niblis of Dusk
Pieces of the Puzzle
Pore Over the Pages
Reckless Scholar
Rise from the Tides
Roiling Waters
Silburlind Snapper
Slip Through Space
Sphinx of Magosi
Stitched Mangler
Sweep Away
Vessel of Paramnesia
Wretched Gryff

Green (32)
Backwoods Survivalists
Briarbridge Patrol
Eldritch Evolution
Giant Mantis
Hamlet Captain
Hinterland Logger
Incremental Growth
Intrepid Provisioner
Lifespring Druid
Loam Larva
Moldgraf Scavenger
Oran-Rief Invoker
Pack Guardian
Quilled Wolf
Rabid Bite
Root Out
Sage of Ancient Lore
Solitary Hunter
Soul of the Harvest
Stoic Builder
Swell of Growth
Tajuru Pathwarden

Red (38)
Blood Mist
Borderland Marauder
Breakneck Rider
Brute Strength
Cinder Hellion
Cone of Flame
Devour in Flames
Deranged Whelp
Distemper of the Blood
Ember-Eye Wolf
Embodiment of Fury
Howlpack Wolf
Impetuous Devils
Kozilek’s Sentinel
Lavastep Raider
Lightning Axe
Magmatic Insight
Makindi Sliderunner
Pyre Hound
Reckless Bushwhacker
 Sanguinary Mage
 Senseless Rage
Shivan Dragon
Sparkmage’s Gambit
Stensia Innkeeper
Valakut Predator
Vessel of Volatility
Vestige of Emrakul
Voldaren Duelist

White (35)
Aegis Angel
Allied Reinforcements
Angelic Gift
Borrowed Grace
Cathar’s Companion
Cliffside Lookout
Dauntless Cathar
Encircling Fissure
Extricator of Sin
Faithbearer Paladin
Ghostly Sentinel
Gideon’s Reproach
Gryff’s Boon
Inspired Charge
Inspiring Captain
Kitesail Scout
Marked by Honor
Moorland Drifter
Nahiri’s Machinations
Odric, Lunarch Marshal
Serene Steward
Serra Angel
Stasis Snare
Stern Constable
Stone Haven Medic
Thraben Standard Bearer
Unified Front
Unruly Mob

Multicolored (4)
Fathom Feeder
Grovetender Druids
Munda, Ambush Leader
Ulamog’s Nullifier

Colorless (15)
Bane of Bala Ged
Bone Saw
Brain in a Jar
Chitinous Cloak
Cultist’s Staff
Explosive Apparatus
Hedron Archive
Hedron Crawler
It of the Horrid Swarm
Murderer’s Axe
Scour from Existence
Seer’s Lantern
Wild-Field Scarecrow
Lands (129)
Cinder Barrens
Crumbling Vestige
Evolving Wilds
20 Forest
Forsaken Sanctuary
Foul Orchard
Highland Lake
20 Island
Meandering River
20 Mountain
20 Plains
Spawning Bed
Stone Quarry
Submerged Boneyard
20 Swamp
Timber Gorge
Tranquil Expanse
Unknown Shores
Westvale Abbey
Woodland Stream

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The fantastic miscellaneous world or the teachings of nothingness unto the universe