MKM Series Frankfurt May 2016 Modern Main Event 3rd of 617

Played in the Modern Main Event at MKM Series in Frankfurt May 2016. More information can be found on

I played a mono green Eldrazi Tron list that I originally saw playing against qek on MTGO and did slight changes on (1 card main and some cards sideboard). 10 Roundsplayed with 617 players.

Round 1 – 2:0 Win against Blue Tron

Game 1 I just have tron first and have Karn, although he has Wurmcoil to potentially take it down the misers fog prevents that and the follow up play of Ulamog from me forces a concession.

Game 2 I complete tron first again. Although I have 2 Karn in hand he is clearly keeping up counter-mana so I play Ulamog to take out his mana and after that playe Karn forcing another concession.

Round 2 – 2:0 Win against Grixis Control

Game 1 An early Thought Knot Seer takes away his single removal spell and a World Breaker into Ulamog finishes him as he does not draw additional lands and makes a missplay as he assumed TKS had put the Terminate into his graveyard instead of exile.

Game 2 He has not enough disruption to prevent an early Thought Knot Seer into Ultimately Ulamog.

Round 3 – 1:2 Loss against Naya Burn

Game 1 I just have a super slow draw and he finishes me off as expected. Drawing a fog could have salvaged the game though

Game 2 The board stalls down after I play Thought Knot and World Breaker while being at 10 Life. I also land Karn and go after his hand as Kird Ape and the likes are no real threats. As he only has 2 cards left the use of Karn on his hand forces out his last 2 cards with Atarka’s Command and Boros Charm bringing me to 3. This was what I was waiting for as I held on to my Feed the Clan for several turns which I played on his upkeep forcing a concession.

Game 3 I keep a risky 1 land hand which was 1 Urza’s land 2x Chromatic Star, Sylvan Scrying, 2 Thought Knot Seer, 1 Feed the Clan. On the draw I get 3 draw on turn 2 to find another land to go sylvan scrying for a turn 3 and 4 Thought Knot which could very well be game right there (especially with Feed the Clan as well). unfortunately I only draw the lands on my 5th draw which is too late

Round 4 – 2:0 Win against Jund

Game 1 I have a Conduit of Ruin on turn 3 followed by World breaker on turn 4 destryoing his third land. He never draws another one

Game 2 He mulls to 6 but has an aggressive start with Goyf and Liliana while I have primarily only lands. Ultimately I can play Ulamog to take out Goyf and Liliana the turn before I would die with him being at zero cards taking the game.

Round 5 – 2:0 against U/W Control

Game 1 I have turn 3 tron for Thought Knot to clear the way into Conduit and World Breaker sealing the deal

Game 2 a crazy and very long back and forth game. I start of by drawing mainly lands with him neutralizing my threats. I land an Ulamog that sticks and attack once exiling a bunch of cards. However he can deal with the Ulamog and lands Ojutai which in combination with Cryptic Command threatens to run away with the game. I luckily peel All is Dust from the top to finish him off folowed by Karn. Again he stabilizes, but I pul away thanks to Sea Gate wreckage and in the final turn can play all at once Conduit of Ruin into Emrakul drawing it with Sea Gate Wreckage and actually playing it.

Round 6 – 2:0 Win against Bring to Light Scapeshift

Game 1 He is always on the verge of having enough lands to go off, however Thought Knot Seer, World Breaker and ultimately Ulamog exile enough lands that it just not works out

Game 2 We both mull to 6 and my Thought Knot Seer takes out the Scapeshift from his hand. I have a bit of momentum as I continue bashing with Thought Knot. There is a penultimate turn where he might have misplayed. I did not have tron and some cards in hand (including Ulamog and Warping Wail). I knew he had Snapcaster (and command in the graveyard). I draw the missing Urza Piece but do not play it instead I go to attacks first. He plays Snapcaster on Command and debates if he wants to return a tron land (in case I drew the final one) and tap my creatures, draw a card etc. he ultimately decides on tapping my creatures and drawing a card. Postcombat I play Tower plus Ulamog sealing the game. He showed me the Scapeshift in his hand but am pretty sure he misplayed there. The main error I think was playing the command during the declare attackers step. That way if he doesn’t tap and bounce he loses to either warping wail exiling snapcaster or ulamog. He should declare blocks first and still in combat bounce draw I think. This still loses to Warping Wail countering scapeshift though.

Round 7 – 2:0 Win against Insolent Dredge

Game 1 He starts dredging a lot, but is not able to make a lot of Amalgams. It goes into some kind of race as I play Conduit (looking for Ulamog) and he establishes four Bloodghast, 1 prized Amalgam and 1 Narcomoeba on the board with unburial rites+craterhoof as well as the +2/+0 pump flashback pump spell in the graveyard. To buy another turn I play all is dust and attack. Next turn he brings out his creatures again and I play Ulamog taking out two lands. He has not enough mana to play rites and the pump spell does not kill me so he waits another turn to maybe rites on the next one, but I have karn to remove the only creature being able to block and kill him

Game 2 H emulls to 5 into a no lander. He finds the land on turn 2 and starts dredging but misses the point where he needed to stop dredging as I was just threatening to kill him with Thought Knots etc.

Round 8 – 2:1 Win against Blue Moon

Game 1 he does not have enough disruption and I land Thought Knot early taking the Blood Moon in his hand and land Ugin the turn thereafter to which he has no answer.

Game 2 He has a turn 2 spreading seas followed by a turn 3 blood moon as I am not drawing any lands to potentially play a sweeper

Game 3 He has Spreading Seas and this time three Blood Moons, but I have 2 Oblivion Stone and 2 Enchantment Removal spells to clear them out and ultimately land and hit with Ulamog as he was having mana troubles and only remand in hand (which he really did not want to cast on ulamog).

Round 9 – 2:0 Win aggainst R/G Eldrazi

Game 1 I start with the first Eldrazi as I play Thought Knot on turn 3 with a full tron. I follow it up with Karn and Ugin prompting the Concession

Game 2 He mulligans to 6 into a potential strong hand, but needing to draw 1-2 lands to really utilize it. He does not draw the fifth mana and has 3 Smasher in Hand. World Breaker reduces his chances even more and when Ulamog comes down the game is over

Round 10 – 2:1 win against Kiki Chord

For this match we moved to the coverage area as it was a win and in game. Text coverage can also be found on the MKM coverage website for Frankfurt.

Game 1 my opponent sees a tron land and says “good luck in Top8” as this is potentially a bad matchup. He starts out with Scavenging Ooze, Qasali Pridemage and a lot of other (mainly mana) dudes. I hit Karn inbetween taking cards from his hand and he ultimately takes out Karn, but after I wipe the board with All is Dust he is almost out of ressources. I play Ulamog which gets pathed into another Ulamog forcing the concession.

Game 2 – I keep a 5 land hand with no action spells. I proceed to draw 6 more lands until I finally draw something to do (a thought knot seer) which is much to late at that point in time.

Game 3 – I mull to 6 but it is clear that he is not very keen on keeping his hand. I start the game up by sylvan scrying for Eldrazi Temple on turn 2 as I cannot complete tron on turn 3 and have double Thought Knot for Pressure. It turns out his hand was basically only land and mana dorks. One of his lands was raging ravine which I trade away for one of the Seers as it becoming a 5/5 would be much more problematic. I have an All is Dust to remove all his creatures and at 7 life he has one chance for Angel+Kiki and plays the Angel EOT taps on his deck and….only finds a lands so next turn he has to chump Seer and I even add something to the board.

So Top8 with 9-1-0 and 3rd in the Final Standings. As it is already midnight we all agree to split the complete prize and just award points per Standings.  The Deck felt very good (as it does online as well). Here are some main points:

I did play only one aggresive deck so Fog was almost always a card to be boarded out. Emrakul was in the Sideboard against mill which I saw some in testing and against very controlly decks and it was OK. Not sure if I would rerun it though. Warping Wail was good in the matchups it should be good or prevent a Crumble to Dust, Scapeshift etc. but all in all not that much used. As it turns out the lower curve for action spells means that I can very reliably cast Thought Knot Seer on turn 3 which is huge. Against a lot of deck TKS reads something like this 4 Mana, Discard the opponents best removal spell and exile their best card, opponent draw a random card. If such a card without a 4/4 body would exist that already would be good, a lot of time Path to Exile hits it which makes it even worse for the opponent.

Not entirely sold on the 3 World Breaker right now. When I assemble tron on turn 3 I basically cannot play it so maybe another Conduit would indeed be better, also the 2 maindeck Fog were not good in the meta I faced so maybe 2 Spellskites, 2 Warping Wail or something similar would be better here. Spellskite is good against Burn/zoo and great against Infect (especially game 1) while Warping Wail has a bit more widespread uses. It kills off small creatures like mana dorks and counters Scapeshifts and Bring to Lights. I did not face Nahiri in the Modern portion of the tournament as that could be a problem when I do not have enough action.

Sea Gate Wreckage was good in the game were you expect it (late game against Control) but sometimes a Ghost Quarter or something similar would have been nice as well.

Green Eldrazi Tron - Eltron

Creatures (11)
Thought-Knot Seer
Conduit of Ruin
World Breaker
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

Sorceries+Instants (11)
Sylvan Scrying
Ancient Stirrings
All Is Dust

Artifacts (12)
Expedition Map
Chromatic Star
Chromatic Sphere

Planeswalker (6)
Karn Liberated
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Lands (20)
Urza’s Tower
Urza’s Power Plant
Urza’s Mine
Eldrazi Temple
Sea Gate Wreckage

Sideboard (15)
Feed the Clan
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Relic of Progenitus
Nature’s Claim
Oblivion Stone
Warping Wail

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