SOI Toolkit League – Bernd

Black (45)
Alms of the Vein
Altar’s Reap
Bone Splinters
Carrier Thrall
Corpse Churn
Creeping Dread
Crow of Dark Tidings
Culling Drone
Dead Weight
Demon’s Grasp
Dominator Drone
Ghoulcaller’s Accomplice
Graf Rats
Grasp of Darkness
Grip of Desolation
Liliana, the Last Hope
Macabre Waltz
 Merciless Resolve
Mind Rot
Mire’s Malice
Nirkana Assassin
Olivia’s Bloodsworn
Pale Rider of Trostad
Rancid Rats
Rottenheart Ghoul
Sanitarium Skeleton
Sengir Vampire
Shamble Back
Sinister Concoction
Stallion of Ashmouth
Strange Augmentation
Tar Snare
Vampire Envoy
Vampiric Rites
Voracious Null
Walking Corpse
Wretched Ghoul
Zulaport Cutthroat

Blue (32)
Air Servant
Benthic Infiltrator
Broken Concentration
Clutch of Currents
Coralhelm Guide
Dampening Pulse
Daring Sleuth
Erdwal Illuminator
Furtive Homunculus
Just the Wind
Niblis of Dusk
Oracle of Dust
Pieces of the Puzzle
Pore Over the Pages
Silburlind Snapper
Sphinx of Magosi
Stitched Mangler
Stormrider Spirit
Sweep Away
Tightening Coils
Ulamog’s Reclaimer
Vessel of Paramnesia
Welcome to the Fold
Windrider Patrol
Wretched Gryff

Green (25)
Confront the Unknown
Duskwatch Recruiter
Fork in the Road
Incremental Growth
Inspiring Captain
Kessig Dire Swine
Lifespring Druid
Loam Larva
Oran-Rief Invoker
Pack Guardian
Pulse of Murasa
Quilled Wolf
Rabid Bite
Rot Shambler
Seed Guardian
Seek the Wilds
Soul of the Harvest
Soul Swallower
Tajuru Pathwarden
Tajuru Stalwart
Vines of the Recluse

Red (27)
Boiling Earth
Borderland Marauder
Brute Strength
Cinder Hellion
Cone of Flame
Dual Shot
Ember-Eye Wolf
Gatstaf Arsonists
Goblin War Paint
Hulking Devil
Lightning Axe
Magmatic Chasm
Magmatic Insight
Otherworldly Journey
Reckless Cohort
Rolling Thunder
Sanguinary Mage
Shivan Dragon
Spiteful Motives
Tormenting Voice
Ulrich’s Kindred
Vestige of Emrakul
Volcanic Upheaval
Voldaren Duelist

White (38)
Aegis Angel
Angel of Renewal
Angelic Gift
Angelic Purge
Cliffside Lookout
Courier Griffin
Dauntless Cathar
Emissary of the Sleepless
Expedition Envoy
Faithbearer Paladin
Felidar Cub
Fiend Binder
Geist of the Lonely Vigil
Ghostly Sentinel
Gideon’s Reproach
Gryff’s Boon
Inspired Charge
Kitesail Scout
Kor Sky Climber
Marked by Honor
Moorland Drifter
Ondu Rising
Open the Armory
Retreat to Emeria
Serra Angel
Sigardian Priest
Stasis Snare
Stern Constable
Survive the Night
Thraben Inspector
Unruly Mob
Vessel of Ephemera

Multicolored (2)
Kiora, Master of the Depths
Reflector Mage

Colorless (7)
Aligned Hedron Network
Bone Saw
Explosive Apparatus
Haunted Cloak
Hedron Crawler
Slayer’s Cleaver
Wicker Witch
Lands (132)
Blighted Cataract
Blighted Fen
Blighted Steppe
Cinder Barrens
Crumbling Vestige
Evolving Wilds
Foreboding Ruins
20 Forest
Forsaken Sanctuary
Foul Orchard
Highland Lake
20 Island
Meandering River
20 Mountain
20 Plains
Stone Quarry
Submerged Boneyard
20 Swamp
Timber Gorge
Tranquil Expanse
Unknown Shores
Warped Landscape
Woodland Stream

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The fantastic miscellaneous world or the teachings of nothingness unto the universe